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Published: 2/02/2011
A family from Romance is getting national attention for a unique service they offer for grieving pet owners. The Ross family own and operate Xtreme Taxidermy, specializing in pet preservation.
Video by Fox 16
Reported by-
Karoline Wightman
Animal Plant is now making a reality TV show about them. Producer Ben Shank says the show is really about people's stories. "It's about how people are dealing with losing their pets. That's what gave the show an extra layer." Taxidermist Daniel Ross says pet preservation is something he never thought of before until customers started asking for it. "A pet is part of the family. You raise something for 10, 15, 20 years, and it's family. It's hard for people to let go."
Ross recognizes it's not for everyone, though. His son Mason says he was even skeptical at first. "I was kind of grossed out, but then when I started thinking about it, 
I would freeze dry my dog." 
Older brother Hunter isn't as excited about Luke, the family dog, lasting a lifetime, 
but Dad agrees. "I would absolutely freeze dry."
Depending on the size of the pet, they stay for several weeks in the freeze dryer. When they come out, owners can pet and brush them, but preserved pets should not be stored in basements or attics. 
With a national TV show on the way, the Ross family knows their lives are about to change forever. LaDawn Ross had no idea when she married Daniel that she was getting into all of this. "Things have just gone crazy in the last 4-5 months. We went from our slow little country life that we like, to living this crazy business all the time."
LaDawn says her goal is to keep her family grounded through this process. They 
have no plans to move to Hollywood, but maybe a hunting trip to Africa is on at 
least Mason's to-do list. The TV crew still has a lot of filming left to do before the 
show airs this fall or next summer.  Story link: Fox 16 News

They're still looking for people who want to have their pets preserved to be on the show. Xtreme Taxidermy is the only company in Arkansas that does pet preservation. People come from all over the country to get their pets preserved.  
For more information, or if you would like to be on the show, email Xtreme Taxidermy or call 323-380-8444 for more information.
Visit our Pet Preservation pages to learn about the freeze dry process!

News & Press releases ...
Xtreme Taxidermy has recently been featured on all the prominent television and radio stations in Arkansas to share the news about their future reality TV show.  
In partnership with Animal Planet, the reality TV series is set to air in 2011. 
Examples of freeze dry pets below - click on the images to enlarge:  
Xtreme Taxidermy owner  Daniel Ross
in the National Spotlight
for Pet Preservation.
 The idea is so extreme that Animal Planet took notice. They're filming 
a reality show 
with 13 episodes. 
Freeze Dried Pets
January 14, 2011
A growing number of 
AR residents are now 
going to extravagant 
lengths to forever honor 
their pets and it's gaining 
the attention of a major 
cable network. KTHV-TV's AshleyBlackstone reports.
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Preserving Your 
Pet Forever...
"People get attached to their pets," says Ross.
"Letting go of a pet can be hard to do, just like letting go of a friend or family member," says Ross.
"I get to help people get over a grieving process," says Ross.

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