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Xtreme Taxidermy Pet Preservation Questions...
Frequently asked questions regarding Pet Preservation...
Question 1: 
Why consider Freeze Dry Pet Preservation?
Pet owners now have more options to consider when a special family pet sadly departs from us.  Burying a pet may not be an option due to where you live or perhaps the idea of cremation isn't the right choice for the grief-stricken pet owner. Freeze dry pet preservation affords the pet owner a way to preserve and keep a special pet forever in a life-like, restful state. 
Question 2:  
What will my pet look like after it is freeze dried? 
The process of freeze drying is different than taxidermy in that the pet remains  completely intact. Once an owner decides how he wants his pet posed, the animal is prepared and placed in the freeze dryer where it undergoes a very slow dessication process.  All of the body's moisture is slowly extracted over a period of time depending on the animal's size. It may take up to 2 months for small pets or 6 months for large ones. The pet is removed from the machine, groomed and will look very life-like, just as the owner remembered it.
We will treat your pet with the utmost care and with dignity during the entire process.  You can be sure that when you make the decision to invest in freeze dry preservation  for your special pet and entrust us to provide this service, we  guarantee your complete satisfaction.  - Daniel Ross
Macey Kay wtih her owners as seen on season 1 of the Animal Planet reality TV show """American Stuffers" 
Question 3:
What does freeze dry pet preservation cost?
Dogs & Cats: 
Pet preservation is a unique and special experience for the owner.  Please call to inquire on our pricing and incentives. 
A 50% deposit due upon receipt of pet.
Balance due before return shipping of pet. 
Payment options:
Personal check or Pay Pal accepted.  
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Pets such as these are such a special part of our family and sometimes the loss can be as tragic as losing a human family member.  We are here to provide a service to help keep their memory alive through freeze dry pet preservation. 
Your pet will be positioned in a very life-like pose. Using their favorite basket, blanket, bed or toys will make the memory even more special.  Pictured above: Daniel Ross with a very happy owner reunited with their pet.  
Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns about freeze dry pet preservation.  
We welcome your inquiry.
Daniel Ross
Xtreme Taxidermy
Full Service Taxidermist & Pet Preservation Specialist  
Phone:  501-849-3353