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Xtreme Pet Testimonials ...
We appreciate our customers and wanted to share a few comments that they sent us regarding their Pet Preservation experience...

Spike and owner Andrea, from Texas
Turd -  from Arkansas, featured on our reality TV show American Stuffers
Wolly Mendes Correia from California
Lilly from St. Augustine, Florida 
Carley from Bragg City, Missouri
Lucy from Texas
We appreciate our customers for choosing Xtreme Taxidermy and trusting us with their special pets.  
It is never easy when losing a pet but we're here to help make keep their memory alive with Freeze Dry Pet Preservation.  
We work very close with our customers to make their pet look as close to how they remember it when it was alive.  
Please click here for answers to frequently-asked questions.  
More information is also available on our Pet Preservation Process page.
Slide show photos by Diana Cantey
Full Service Taxidermist & Pet Preservation Specialist  
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