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Xtreme Taxidermy Mounts..
Xtreme Taxidermy offers a variety of high quality traditional mounts for birds, fish, and mammals as well as European style for a unique look.  Our custom mounts are sure to add just the right touch to any mancave or game room.  Visit our Pricing page for more info. 
From buffalo to bucks, gators n' ducks, cats, dogs, birds, boars so much more!  Xtreme Taxidermy is your source for high quality mounts, satisfaction guaranteed.  Right: Mason Ross with bobcat mount. Below: Daniel with 2009 Arkansas State Record Alligator and right: rattle snake in strike pose.
Xtreme Taxidermy also specializes in Pet Preservation, a special service offered to pet owners who are looking for an alternative to burial or cremation for their pets.  Please visit our Pet Preservation Process page for more information.  
Click on the pics to view in larger format. Xtreme Taxidermy is proud to produce quality mounts with attention to the finest details. Our customers are our best source of feedback about our work so visit our
 Testimonials  page to see what they are saying about their Xtreme mounts!
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