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Xtreme Taxidermy Field Care Tips...
To preparing fresh caught fish for taxidermy, wrap fish in a wet towel or old t-shirt and then wrap in a plastic bag.  Make sure the fins are flat against the fish to avoid breakage.  Place fish in freezer until ready for processing. 

When preparing deer for taxidermy, you must consider what type of mount you desire (antler, head, head with shoulder or rug) which will determine how the deer must be cleaned.  If you are not sure, please call us before you begin. 


The following links are excellent references for explaining proper field care for wild game.
if you have specific questions about preparing your game after harvest for a future Xtreme Taxidermy mount.   

Arkansas Fish & Game Resources - Field Dressing Deer:
Field Dressing and Skinning Deer

Arkansas Fish & Game -  Processing deer to eat:
Colorado State University Extension - Natural Resources 
Field Care of Big Game
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission - Nebraska Hunting Guide
Big Game Guide to Field Care and Home Processing

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