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Xtreme Taxidermy Contact Information...
Daniel Ross: 501-593-3975
Christian Ross (Deer): 501-593-8772
Mason Ross (Mammals & Exotics): 501-593-5711

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday  9:00- 5:30,  Saturdays  10:00 - 2:00
*other hours by appointment
Daniel Ross with his  trophy white tail buck named "Buster". 
Pictured right, Daniel with LaDawn and their three boys Mason, Hunter and Christian.
Pictured above, Daniel with Mason Ross and the turkey he harvested.  
A young fawn raised by the Ross family who often care for orfaned wild animals.
Full Service Taxidermist & Pet Preservation Specialist  
Phone:  501-849-3353
Come visit our new shop located at 2234 Hwy 5 in Mount Vernon
Phone: 501-849-3353
We have successfully moved into our new 7,000 square foot building which features a reception area, show room, spacious work areas, kitchen, offices and a future classroom for Taxidermy instruction.