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Xtreme Taxidermy Customer Testimonials...
We are proud to share the following comments from our customers who have trusted Xtreme Taxidermy to create a special mount for them.  We guarantee excellent customer service and your complete satisfaction - Daniel Ross
Daniel and LaDawn,
From the time I first contacted you all on the phone, to visiting your shop, and lastly picking up our 3.5 lb. bass that my 6 year old caught, I knew we made a 
great decision as to who would mount it. My sons were thrilled to visit your shop which was filled with incredible and amazing "mounts"...My two sons, RJ, Preston, my wife, and I want to thank you for making our son's first big fish a life long story.

Jim Colo
I am really excited about the awesome  taxidermy job Daniel did on the hog I killed in December at 
Cuz & Cuz Wild Hog Ranch in Albion, Arkansas.   The hunt was a lot of fun but bringing home a trophy Russian boar head was the icing on the cake.  
Daniel made the hog look so real, especially the wet nose!  I would recommend Xtreme Taxidermy to anyone.  The hog is a great addition to our man cave." 
Go hogs!

Zach Cantey
Mount Vernon, AR
Xtreme Taxidermy has done numerous pieces for us including a full size bobcat, two deer shoulder mounts, 4 European mounts and two large mouth bass.  
We are very pleased with the quality of Daniel's work, especially in his attention to detail in the finishing of each piece. 
He has a lot of good ideas and the finished mounts look very real.  We recommend Xtreme Taxidermy to all our friends.
We are having a fox and elk done this year and we are anxious to see the finished mounts and hang them in our man cave.
Thanks Daniel!

Duane Cantey
Mount Vernon, AR

Full Service Taxidermist & Pet Preservation Specialist  
Phone:  501-849-3353