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Xtreme Taxidermy Bird Mounts...
Traditional full body mounts available for turkey, upland game birds including pheasant, quail, chucker and grouse, and waterfowl including ducks and geese. Your bird can be proudly displayed on a wall captured in flight, or perched on a lamp table for all to enjoy.
Prices for Game Bird Mounts


  • shoulder with wings/feet $500
  • full body- $800
  • fan and beard $150
  • fan/beard/feet $175
  • wings $100
  • freeze dried heads $100

Ducks: $255

  • Small $425
  • Large $485

Upland game birds: 
  • Quail $255
  • Pheasant $275
  • Chucker $255
  • Grouse $255
  • Sage Hen $255

Nongame birds:
*Hawks/Owls - must have State 
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